The Victory Lab

thevictorylabI bought this book after reading Issenberg’s article in MIT’s Technology Review.  I’m a total geek for this type of study of the world beneath the political campaign.

I had hoped this would be similar to David Plouffe’s book – a behind the curtain look at how things are done.  The article extended this expectation.

Instead, the book dwelt primarily on the history of political polling and message targeting.  The most recent campaigns were only covered briefly at the end of the book.  The writing was dry and fairly technical, full of so many details it was tough to keep track of them all.  It made me wonder if Issenberg intended the book as a textbook for political science classes.  Given that I’m a political geek and I still had trouble staying interested in the book, I would think it would be hard for someone with less interest in the topic to tough it out.

This was by no means a bad book, it was just a disappointment to not enjoy a book whose subject held so much potential.


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