The Fault In Our Stars

thefaultinourstarsFor some reason I have a snobbery about best sellers.  If everyone loves the book, it must be just populist crap.  So I hold out reading my literary novels.  Then, months later I end up picking up the book and love it.  Why do I not learn?

How many displays of John Green books have I walked by?  Young adult fiction – I don’t want to read that.  Why would I want to read about teenagers?

On the weekend I noticed The Fault In Our Stars in my local library.  It’s amazing how my  standards lower when the book is free.  I picked it up figuring I might give it a shot if I had some free time.  That night I had finished my previous book and I wanted something less dramatic.

24 hours later I emerged from my bubble when I finished the book.  Oh my goodness, now I understand why so many people loved this book.  It’s not that the plot is so unexpected.  It’s not that the characters are so unusual.  It’s just a really well written, lovely story.  The only time I slowed down in the book was about 30 pages from the end when the sadness just overwhelmed me and I needed some fresh air.

Yes, this is a young adult book about teenagers, but I don’t think it’s just for young adults.  This is a wonderful book in which to get completely lost.


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