A Little Love Story

alittlelovestoryI have to admit that I first picked up this book in a local bookshop primarily because the cover of that edition had a donut on it.  A donut on the cover and it was on a recommended shelf.  Then I read the back and it was about a political operative.  Score on several fronts.  It went on my ‘to read’ list.

Then I found it in my local library.  No donut cover this time, but I figured it was still the same book.

There was nothing really wrong with this book.  The characters were generally likeable.  Even the ‘bad guy’ turns out to be a pretty good guy.  The plot is relatively strong.  The characters struggle with emotional events.  The love story unfolds.  Did I mention that it’s set in Boston?

The thing is that this is a fairly mediocre book.  I’m quite sure that in a few months I won’t even remember that I read it.  The sleeve notes weren’t all that accurate in describing the plot and I quickly realized that this was not the book I expected.  However, it was a fairly quick read, so I persisted.

The book ends really suddenly and you don’t know what happens to any of the characters.  No idea.  Now, I wasn’t super invested in the characters, so within 5 minutes I didn’t really care.  However, for those 5 minutes I was pretty ticked at the author.  Did he just get tired of writing?  Did he forget to send the last chapter to the publisher?  This is ironic, since I recently read The Fault In Our Stars, which is about a book that ends mid-sentence and how that frustrates the readers.

I don’t know that I’d recommend this book to anyone.  It’s not a bad book, but it’s not good either.  And it’s fairly forgettable.  Use your reading time elsewhere.  I’m fairly certain that reading the edition with the donut on the cover wouldn’t have improved the experience.


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