Wife 22

wife22Wife 22 definitely isn’t the worst book I’ve read.  It had a premise of some interest (woman in a fading marriage participates in a marriage survey and other online antics that look to be derailing her marriage) and passable characters.  It even had a plot twist that caught me by surprise (in my defence, I didn’t care much by that point).  However, mostly it seems to be mindless, whiny drivel.  The characters were shallow and the plot predictable.  I persisted to the end because it was such and easy read and I whipped right through it, but once I put it down, it was done.  I didn’t have another thought about the characters or the story.

Strangely, the main character is a former playwright who wrote a shallow, predictable and general stinker of a play and then stopped writing.  Hmmm…

Please save yourself the time and skip this book.


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