A (Somewhat) Enforced Silence

My very faithful laptop is on its very last legs and decided that typing is evil.  Text is so evil that the laptop feels justified in erasing about 1/2 of what I write.  This is making writing and correspondence rather difficult.  Trying to justify a new MacBook to myself.  Yes, PC laptops are cheaper, but my last PC laptop cost $600 and went through 3 hard drives in 4 years.  My MacBook ($1000) has lasted 6 years (so far) and has never been in for a repair (though it’s obvious now that I should have gone in for the recall of the keyboard edging years ago).  Hmmm…

I’ve got 2 reviews being written in my head (Bunker Hill and Beautiful Ruins).  Stay tuned. 

Also out with the camera, so hopefully some new photos on the way.

Happy 4th everyone!


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