The Idolatry of God

theidolatryofgodA friend of mine explained things well.  “Rob Bell builds you up.  Peter Rollins strips you down.”

This was my first Peter Rollins book.  Sure, I have one languishing on my Kindle, but it took seeing this at my local library for me to take the plunge and give it a read.

I knew I was playing with fire.  Rollins is seen in many circles as a heretic.  However, I happen to like heretics, so I decided to give it a try.

Writing a review of a Rollins book is next to impossible.  The reading is less about the transfer of knowledge and more about the experience of going through the book.  As my friend suggests, this book just stripped me down.  It challenged many of my preconceptions and understandings of religion and church.  I would have to put down the book occasionally because I knew I was messing with my head.  Sometimes messing with your head is good, but when you don’t have a community to catch you if you fall too far, it can be dangerous.  I didn’t have that community, so I proceeded slowly.  This book is reading without a safety net.

I think Rollins has some great ideas and concepts in this book.  He has a prophetic voice, in the sense that it is at the extreme to force the center to pay attention and shift.  I’m not sure I agree with everything he writes, and his descriptions of events seem very ‘stagey’ to me, but the book definitely forced me to ask questions.

I’m glad I read the book, but I wouldn’t recommend it widely.  If you like to really dig in a mess with ideas, give this book a try.  If you’re looking to tinker at the edges of your faith or your church, this book is much more than what you’re looking for.


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