When the Emperor Was Divine

whentheemperorwasdivineWhen I picked up this audio book at the library I kept searching the box for the word ‘Abridged’.  My last audio book was 13 CDs, so the thought of a 3 CD book was perplexing.  Could they really fit the whole book in such a short space?

I started listening last weekend on a road trip and was immediately drawn in.  A Japanese American family preparing to be sent to the internment camps during World War II.  This is a beautiful book.  The writing is stunning and there are times you forget the horror that the family is going through because the descriptions of their lives are so wonderful.

Another review mentioned that none of the main characters have names.  Hard to believe that you can be so drawn in by their voices without even knowing their names.

In the midst of the current immigration situation, it would be useful for people to read this short book to become more sympathetic towards those who have lived most or all of their lives in this country and yet are still labeled as outsiders.

I would highly recommend this book both for the subject and for the outstanding writing.


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