My Favorite Things – Summer Edition

Before I slip into a longing for fall, here’s a list of some of my favorite things about summer (in no particular order):

– Iced lattes – Guess what I’m drinking while I write?

– My sunroom – Attached to the front of my flat/apartment is a tiny room that is way too hot on hot days and way too cold in winter.  However, on the days I can be in there it is a wonderful escape.

– Long evenings – My quality of life is so improved by all the extra light.  Suddenly it doesn’t feel like I’m leaving work at midnight.

– Energy – See above.  For some reason, this year my body is off kilter and I can’t get my iron or Vit D levels right, but generally I feel less like a slug and can manage to leave my house and do more things.

– Parking at work – It might seem trivial, but not having to fight for a spot and being able to leave the campus at lunch is a wonderful thing.

– Ice cream – Definitely one of the highlights of the summer.

– Fans – Sure, I adore my AC, but I love the gentle breeze of a fan.

– Summer tv – True, most of it is crap, but I do like HGTV Design Star, So You Think You Can Dance and Suits.  Plus, getting Netflix this summer introduced me to all sorts of interesting new shows.

– Road trips – There’s something about the longer days, less stressful weather and some long weekends that make road trips awesome.

– Summer music – Is it really different than winter music?  No idea, but I always feel like it’s more acceptable to enjoy a little guilty pleasure during the summer.  See: Daft Punk.

– Cape Cod – I haven’t been there for years, but it used to be a summer ritual (and I miss it).

– Lemonade & Iced Tea – Individually they are awesome.  Together, even better.

– Fruit – Usually all I want to eat on hot days is fruit.  Yum!

– Light – Similar to the longer days, the quality of the light in the summer is fantastic.

– Beach books – I usually indulge in some lighter reading during the summer.

– Bare feet – Somewhere in May I usually strategically lose all my socks.

– Ambition – It probably fits with the energy, but it’s generally in summer that I get the most clearheaded about thinking about the future.


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