runThe first time I read Ann Patchett’s Run, I dashed through it (pardon the pun).  Her books are always so good I end up reading them in just a few sittings.  This time I had the chance to enjoy the writing more.  There were also several surprises that I don’t remember from my first reading.

If you’ve not read any of Ann Patchett’s books yet, you seriously need to get started.  In my opinion Bel Canto is her best, but Run, State of Wonder, Truth & Wonder and Patron Saint of Liars were all great.  Your interest in the setting or details of the plot has no bearing on your enjoyment of the book.  Trust me, with the release of each of her books I read the summary and think “really?”, but they are always good.

Run is the story of two boys adopted by the mayor of Boston.  One night, coming out of a lecture one of the boys is nearly struck by a car, but is pushed out of the way by a woman who later turns out to be their birth mother.  It’s an entwined saga of the two sides of Boston, rich and poor, living completely different lives side by side.

As someone who has lived in Boston, she did a great job of characterizing the city and I really enjoyed the story.


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