boundariesAges ago someone suggested that I read the book Boundaries.  I took note, but never got around to reading it.  A few years ago my mentor suggested that I read it and this time it got as far as my Amazon wish list.

Am I the only one who sees the irony in the fact that the only area where I seem to be be able to keep up good boundaries was in resisting people’s suggestions to read Boundaries?

It took Amazon putting the book on a great Kindle book sale.  However, even after buying the book, it took me a while to finish the book.

I really enjoyed the first part of the book.  Their exploration of early childhood development and how issues in that period can impact your boundaries as an adult.

This was a hard book to read.  It requires a lot of self- reflection and willingness to be honest with yourself.  Mid-way through reading the book I had some life experiences that left me pretty raw and a needed to take break from reading the book.

Overall I thought the book was good and a valuable read.  However, I found their use of snippets of scriptures (generally used out of context) to prove their points manipulative and dangerous.  For that reason, I would be pretty careful about recommending this book.  In general, the idea of concepts of the book, but let the ideas stand on their own strengths, rather than throwing scripture around a bit recklessly.


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