Fall TV Season

good-wife-recap_320x240Every summer I can’t wait for the fall TV season and then September gets here and I get overwhelmed with all of the shows to watch in the first week until I decide what stays and what goes.

I’m still not totally caught up on week 1 (Elementary, Glee and NCIS: LA are still on the PVR), but here are my thoughts so far.


– Trophy Wife – One episode was more than enough for me.  I loved Bradley Whitford in West Wing, but this is no West Wing.  The characters are annoying, the dialogue predictable and the whole thing is cloying.

– The Michael J. Fox Show – I love Michael J. Fox and he’s a Canadian treasure.  However, having seen two episodes of this, I don’t see it lasting past this week.  This show hits every cliche and be formulaic.

On Probation:

– Glee – I haven’t even seen the episode and the show is already on probation.  I’ll stick around until the Cory Monteith episode airs.  This was already on the edge last year.

– Mom – The first episode wasn’t too bad. (Side question, what’s with all the West Wing alums on new sitcoms?)  However, it also wasn’t that good.  I’ll give it a few more weeks.

– Dancing With the Stars – This is a fun unwinding show for a Monday night, but I don’t feel compelled to watch it.  I haven’t really bonded with any of the contestants yet.

– The Crazy Ones – Robin Williams on television.  What could go wrong?  So far I’m not sold on this, but I’ll give it a few more episodes.

– NCIS: LA – Last season I saved up the whole second half of the season on the PVR and watched it during the summer.  If it slides further downhill, it will be gone.

– Big Bang Theory – I love this show, but the season opener was a disappointment.  Hopefully it will get better.

– New Girl – The first few episodes seem manic.  Please find your groove soon!


– NCIS – Don’t go Ziva!  I really like the characters on this show and so far it’s good to be back.

– The Good Wife – The season opener was good, as always.  The preview showing Will angry with Alicia is a must see.

– Grey’s Anatomy – Yes, I know, it’s Grey’s Anatomy.  I tried giving it up a few years ago and couldn’t, so I’ve given up trying for now.

– Nashville – The show’s gotten soapier, but this week’s episode was still good.

– Parks & Recreation – My favorite characters in London?  What could be better?  I came to love this show over the summer and the season opener was great.

– Brooklyn Nine-Nine – I watched this on the recommendation of the critics and quite enjoyed it.  Funny and enjoyable.


Haven’t seen Elementary or Scandal yet, but I strongly suspect they will be keepers!

Oh, and via internet, George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight.  As always, amazing interviews (love Margaret Atwood).  I could do without the panel though (though it’s better than last year).

What shows are people watching?  Anything must see that I’m missing?


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