The House on Mango Street

houseonmangostreetI had heard of this book several times, so when I spotted it on the bookshelves at Salvation Army, I snatched it up.  It’s a very thin book and I was perplexed by the format of it for a while (so little writing, so much white space).  Once I found the rhythm of the book I really enjoyed it.

Growing up in Eastern Canada I had no exposure to the Hispanic culture and books like this weren’t on the school curriculum.  When I moved to Waltham, MA I lived in a heavily Puerto Rican neighborhood, but I didn’t know many people, so I didn’t pick up much of the culture.  Now, working in a primarily Hispanic city in a college with a high percentage of Hispanic students I’ve finally had the chance to understand more of the culture.

This job did a great job of showing a piece of this culture from the point of view of a child who takes it for granted.  It feels like the reader has the opportunity to be a fly on the wall of her home watching the day to day activities of her life.  It felt a little bit like taking a trip, rather than just reading a book.



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