The Curse of October

For the rest of the year I think fondly of New England fall.  I wonder why I never take as many pictures as I planned to, why I don’t attend the great fall festivals, or generally take part in this season in this area.  I spend September planning all the things I’m going to do in October.   Sometimes I even get through the first days of the month.

Then it happens – the fibromyalgia pain kicks in and I get kicked to the floor.  The combination of extreme fatigue and pain leave me lying on the couch watching life go by.  Since it’s also my most busy season at work, I usually spend all my energy getting through as many days as I can and then collapse when I get home.

So, when the blog slows down a little, it’s not because I’ve stopped reading, thinking or taking pictures.  Everything has just slowed down considerably.  Hopefully in a few weeks the pain will ease and life will slowly resume.

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