I Feel Bad About My Neck

kneckSo, it turns out my October fibromyalgia pain extended into November a bit.  Lots of early evenings on the couch.  Then the time change and my body trying to convince me that going to bed at 9 is not lame.  Now I’m fighting off a cold.  Horrid for the social life, but good for having time to read (5 books read in the break).

The first book I’ll review is I Feel Bad About My Neck, by Nora Ephron.  While I have enjoyed many of Ephron’s movies, I hadn’t ready any of her books.  I got this on audio book from the library with Ephron herself doing the reading.  It was like having a friend along on my car trip telling me stories.

Ephron makes keen observations on life as a woman and on life in New York.  I found her section on beauty maintenance particularly amusing ( and particularly close to home).  Ephron is engaging, warm and funny.  Even the topics where I had no experience (like her apartment building in New York), I enjoyed hearing her stories.

Listening to the book it was sad to think that Ephron has recently died and her unique humorous voice is gone.

I recommend this book for those who enjoy observational humor or those looking for a light, enjoyable read.


2 thoughts on “I Feel Bad About My Neck

  1. I enjoyed this book, too. You may want to try her sister’s book of essays which was very recently released–“Sister, Mother, Husband, Dog (etc.)” by Delia Ephron. It contains a very lovely piece about Nora which was written not long after she passed away.

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