The Engagements

theengagementsPicking up this book I had understood it to be the story of one ring through many generations.  As I worked my way through Part I, I started to think that this was a series of seemingly unrelated short stories (and lots of them).  Starting Part II, I realized that each of the stories was being re-visited, though it was still unclear that there were any connections.

Just over half-way through the book I started to figure out who the characters were (there were too many stories jumping in too many directions chronologically).  Each of the stories were interesting on their own, but the sheer number of stories and the way there was no chronological order to them, left me struggling to find any sort of order to the book.

I particularly enjoyed the story of the married Frenchwoman who becomes engaged to a charismatic American musician.  Her story of falling in love and then seeking revenge drew me in and seemed authentic.  Not all the other short stories seemed so true.

In the end the stories do come together (I won’t reveal how) and I think we’re supposed to take stock of the changing nature of love through the ages and the many facets of love, while recognizing that it is the diamond that is truly forever.

I’ve enjoyed Sullivan’s other books and feel like this is her best so far.  I’m looking forward to seeing how she continues to improve in the coming years.


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