The River of No Return

theriverMy work book group is reading this book this month, so I thought I’d give it a try.  Generally I wouldn’t pick up a book on time travel, but this is why we have book groups, right.

The River of No Return is the story of warring time travel groups.  It follows Nick from the present to the past, to …, we’re not sure.

One of the difficulties with fantasy/science fiction/time travel books is that they are generally complicated and they need a lot of information relayed to the reader.  A great writer relays that information as the story unfolds.  A lesser writer does data dumps.  Most writers fall somewhere in the middle.

In general, this book is interesting.  The characters occupy various shades of grey and the ground feels like it’s shifting beneath the readers feet.

However, at over 400 pages, the author had plenty of time to communicate information to the reader.  Instead, there are several awkward scenes of data dump.  Plus a few ‘rules’ of time travel that seemed to serve the author having written herself into a corner.

I enjoyed reading the book, but it definitely didn’t convince me that time travel is my genre.  Now, what to say in book group.  With the author present.  Oh my.


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