Seriously… I’m Kidding

seriouslyI like Ellen a lot.  I liked her at the Academy Awards.  I like her on her show.  On her audio book, not so much.

I’m not sure why I was so annoyed by this book.  Was it the whole chapter of Ellen just making strange sounds with her mouth?  Was it the feeling that she had put no thought into the book?  Was it the feeling that I really didn’t get my money’s worth (pretty impressive, since I got it out of the library)?

There are parts of this book that were vaguely cute.  However, after recently ‘reading’ a Nora Ephron book (also on audio book) and enjoying it so much, Ellen really fell short on this.  Perhaps all the good material went into her first two books?

Nonetheless, Ellen makes a decent traveling companion on a long car ride.

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