The Secretary

A Letter to Author Kim Ghattas.

thesecretaryDear Ms. Ghattas,

I get it.  You had a very interesting and traumatic childhood and you hold the US at least partially to blame for those experiences.  You needed an outlet to discuss these experiences and work through the fact that you found yourself working for/with the very monster you hated and blamed.

And, I generally have a great deal of respect for the BBC.  You work for a great organization.

That said….. ARE YOU SERIOUS??

First of all, my personal beef.  This book is sold as a serious take on the term of Hillary Clinton as US Secretary of State during a tumultuous time in world history and a period of reshaping US foreign policy.  Can you please explain to me how that subject requires passages about Ms. Clinton’s hair falling in soft waves below her shoulders?  An expose on her red painted toenails?  The shift in the types of pantsuits she wore?

It is this type of cheap journalism that makes it harder for women to be taken seriously in political leadership.  How did her hair impact US foreign policy?  I find this highly offensive.  As punishment, I sentence you to writing a book about John Kerry’s term as US Secretary of State focussing only on his hair.

Second of all, I picked up this book wishing to learn about US foreign policy and Hillary Clinton.  I find her fascinating.  Things I don’t find fascinating?

– The blackened chicken salad on your flight

– All your concerns about food on your many flights

– Your luggage

– Where your passport was at key moments in world history

– Your vacations

– Your resentment of Ms. Clinton

– Your resentment of the US

Very occasionally you gave brief glimpses into things that were interesting, such us US foreign policy and Ms. Clinton.  However, given the fact that the information you were conveying was obtained second, third or fourth hand, I’m not all that clear it was true.

If you feel you need to write a memoir, be my guest.  Personally, I won’t be reading it, but don’t let that stop you.  However, I feel that writing a memoir under the guise of writing about someone else is deceitful.  Despite the fact that I got your book out of my local library, I would like to ask for a refund.




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