I Remember Nothing

iremembernothingThis book was both incredibly sad and funny at the same time time.  Knowing that this was Ephron’s last book, the chapters like “The Things I Will Miss” and “The Things I Won’t Miss” were very poignant.  Even the chapters on her memory when she talks about her fear of completely losing her memory when she got really old were a little sad.

Beyond that, this is a really good book.  Maybe not as funny as “I Feel Back About My Neck”, but still a very funny book.  Reading it so soon after Seriously… I’m Kidding, I really noticed how much content was in the book.  Ephron is a great story teller and she has great stories in the book.  Sure, it’s a bit scattered at times, but her humor comes from the realities we know to be true and things we are afraid are true.  Egg white omelettes do taste like cardboard.  Your memory starts fading earlier than you’ll admit, though you can’t really remember when it started.

This was a really enjoyable book.  Like listening to a funny aunt tell her stories.  I’m sad that this is that last of the stories though.  Ephron was gone too soon.


One thought on “I Remember Nothing

  1. Coincidentally, this weekend I’m reading “The Most of Nora Ephron” which was just released and is a large collection of many of her columns, blog posts, essays, and screenplays–plus it includes the entire text of her novel “Heartburn”. There’s a whole section of her writings on food and cooking that I especially enjoyed.
    There’s also a new collection of essays out by her sister, Delis Ephron–the title is escaping me–but the first essay is about her relationship with Nora. You may want to take a look for it.
    I agree with you–I’ll miss her voice.

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