The Two Week Wait

two week waitLate last year I read the book “One Moment, One Morning” about the sudden death of a husband and father on a morning commuter train into London and how it impacted those around him.  I enjoyed the book and the characters really stuck with me.  The book ended in a good place, but I still wondered what happened to the characters after the book ended.

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon “The Two Week Wait” in my library and picked it up.  The book follows some of the same characters and some new characters.  Lou from the first novel is the main character of this book.  Her health circumstances have brought her to the point that if she wants to have a child she has to have it soon.  She decides she does, her partner decides that she doesn’t which ends their relationship.  Lou embarks on the journey alone.

At the same time Cath (a new character) is living in the North of England and has recently finished her treatment for cancer.  Her ovaries have been removed, but she still wants a child, so she and her husband also embark on a non-traditional path to parenthood.

Both women go through fertility treatments simultaneously and the book tracks their progression and the twists and turns it can take.

I would never have picked up a book on IVF on its own.  The subject holds little interest to me, but in the end it provided plenty of drama and twists around which to build the stories in the book.  I thought Rayner did a good job.  I didn’t think it was quite as good as “One Moment, One Morning” (which I really liked), but it was still quite a good book.


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