Best of Television

The idea of television certainly changed this year.  House of Cards.  Orange is the New Black.  Binge watching.  Catching up on shows that you missed.  Then the 2013-14 network shows debuted and very few seem to be hits.  So, this list is a mix of current shows, foreign shows and catch up.


I had heard buzz about this, but it wasn’t until a few months ago that I started watching.  I’m up to the end of Season 2 (come on Netflix!).  I watch each one from behind my fingers or a pillow.  Idris Elba is incredible and each show piles tension upon tension.



Last year when I was in Canada over Christmas, my mother introduced me to the show.  Unfortunately, she introduced me to the last two episodes of the series.  I caught up on all five seasons this year on Netflix.  Yes, it is an case based cop show and it is based in Toronto.  And, yes, there is an episode where the weapon is a kitchen knife.  However, the writing is great, the actors are great, and the music is used well to build tension.  The production values are great and it’s nice to see Toronto on the screen.



Are we allowed to admit we like Archer?  It’s crude and rude.  It’s about as un-PC as you can get.  And yet, it’s fabulous.  It’s the ultimate workplace comedy.  Definitely not a cartoon for the kids.


The Good Wife

What?  A network show?  This season of The Good Wife has been fantastic.  The show where Will finds out that Alicia is leaving the firm is one that will stay with me for a long time.  Hope the writers continue their streak.


Call the Midwife

I discovered season two on PBS and later went back and caught up on season one.  Jenny and her friends negotiate life as midwives in post World War II East End London.  Such a great glimpse into a time and place.  The camaraderie amongst the girls.  The lives of the people in the East End.  The BBC does it again with a fantastic show.

Honorable Mention – Vicar of Dibley, Sherlock, Elementary

What were you watching this year??


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