Best of Photos

My photography ground to a halt at the end of the year due to some health issues, but I got some good stuff earlier in the year.  Here are the photos with the most responses here on the blog.  Enjoy!

smp141b2013-08-23 02.48.16


A tugboat in Baltimore.

smp148h2013-09-14 06.36.09


Drying tobacco in Western Massachusetts.

smp126e2013-06-27 02.36.56


Lupins on my neighbor’s lawn.

smp123to2013-06-09 07.54.12


One of my favorites from the year.   The CN Tower through the rock sculptures on the shore.



My little friend.



Another little friend.  I love this photo.



Winter in Western Massachusetts.



Random door.

smp111to2013-06-12 23.34.31


Toronto again.

smp1252013-06-12 21.58.46


Eaton Centre, Toronto

smp131b2013-08-21 23.23.39


My favorite Baltimore picture.



And a favorite Cape Cod picture.

I wonder what 2014 will bring??


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