Lucky Man

luckymanThe first poster on my door as a teenager was Michael J. Fox.  Back to the Future was my favorite movie and the cute Canadian star had won my heart.  I followed him off and on through his career (I loved Spin City).

Then, the announcement came that he had Parkinson’s Disease.  My grandmother, who had died earlier that same year, had Parkinson’s, so I was well acquainted to the cruel progress of the disease.  How could someone so young and active have it?

I’d been planning on reading this book for a while.  When Amazon had the kindle version on sale over Christmas, I snatched it up.  I read through it in just a few days.

No one will mistake this book for high literature, but Fox has a compelling story to tell and he takes the readers on a ride through his career.  From his upbringing in Canada to his surprising start in television.  The hard and easy times in US television and his struggle to accept his illness.

As someone who also has a chronic illness (though mine is non-degenerative), I really appreciated his honesty about coping with his illness and learning to move beyond just coping.

This book is very uplifting, though it takes a little while to get there.


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