The Rosie Project

rosieprojectThe Rosie Project – or How Sheldon Got a Girlfriend.

As a fan of Big Bang Theory it is hard to read this novel without substituting Sheldon for the main character, Don.  In fact, I had to look up Don’s name.  Sure, Sheldon is a physicist and Don is a geneticist, but there seemed to be considerable overlap.

This is a cute novel.  Focussed on an academic with limited social skills and likely placing well into the autism spectrum, the story follows his attempts to logically find his perfect mate.  Rosie is not that perfect mate.  She meets none of his requirements and is very disruptive to his life.  And yet, he seems to enjoy the disruption and takes considerable risk to continue spending time with Rosie.

There is considerable predictability in the novel.  Perhaps it’s the heavy handed writing.  Perhaps it’s the title.  Despite that, it’s an enjoyable novel to read.  And after several heavy novels, it had a welcome lightness.

A short and quick read, I’d recommend the book to those who enjoy a quirky romantic comedy.


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