Beautiful Britain

ukI’ve been back from the UK for 2 1/2 years and there are some things that I still badly miss:

– my friends – irreplaceable

– Marks & Spencers – Can we not get that over here?  Seriously?  Good clothes, good food, decent prices… what’s not to like?

– Spring in February – I moved to the UK in February and the daffodils were already up.  I think of this often as I shovel the endless snow here.

– Transportation – It is impossible not to have a car here.  No decent trains or subway.  I feel like my life is spent in parking lots.

– Reading – I just loved living in Reading.  The downtown was really lovely and I loved my West Reading neighbourhood.

– Paperchase – Nothing can cheer you up on a down day like a quick trip to Paperchase.  Cheap and cheerful!

– London – Enough said.  Nothing like it over here.

– Curry – For all that Britain has a reputation for its food, I really liked most of it.  Particularly curry.  Even the ready meals at the grocery store were very good.

– Tea – There’s tea here too, but I miss it being offered every time you went anywhere.  Good tea, not a sad 2 year old tea bag in a styrofoam cup.

– Free healthcare

– Beautiful parks – The downside of everyone in the US (outside major cities) having their own yard is that most of the parks are quite sad.  A patch of grass beside a highway is not a place I want to sit and read a book.

– Being near ‘everything’ – I was surprised how isolated it feels to be in the US after being in a place connected to the rest of the world.

– BBC – Speaking of feeling isolated, US news seems obsessed with twitter and the Kardashians.

– my church in Reading/The Church of England – Any chance you’d be willing to take US Evangelicals aside for a little talk about how to handle social issues (woman bishops aside)?

Some things are definitely improving here.  We’re getting more Premier League ‘Soccer’ here (though it’s often an old match) and Accessorize opened in my local mall a few months ago.  I make my own curry, which is pretty good and via the internet I can use international news sources.

I still miss the UK though.

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