Paris in Love

parisinloveAfter my last audio book (the yet to be reviewed Thinking Fast and Slow), which was very long and heavy, I was looking for something a little lighter to listen to in the car.  I scanned the library shelves and seemed to find only 16+ cd sets on heavy topics.

Then I came upon one called Paris in Love about a woman who moved her family to Paris for a year.  Having conducted a similar experience myself, this seemed like it could be a fun read.  I brought it home.

It’s important to note that the book is composed mostly of the Facebook updates of the author while she lived in Paris.  Her observations are generally fairly light and enjoyable.  She makes the usual cultural observations.  Her daughter, Anna, is the source of much amusement as she negotiates her way through an Italian school in Paris.  All quite fun.

There were two things I wasn’t prepared for when I picked up this book.  The first is that I had never heard of Eloisa James.  Evidently she’s a very famous romance writer.  Who knew?  I have no doubt that her books are good, if you like that genre, as she seems to be a very good writer in this book.  She has an elegant way with phrasing.

The second thing I wasn’t prepared for was how much reading the book would make me want to go out in search of French things.  It was a little bit like when I was reading the Shopaholic books and all I wanted to do was shop.  This book made me want elegant chocolates and delicate things.  Her description of French lingerie were wonderful, particularly given her survival of breast cancer in the years before this move to Paris.

Reading this book you feel like part of the family.  The Italian husband, the teenage son, the pre-teen daughter, the English professor/romance writer narrator.  They were all wonderful characters.

Read this book for the sheer love of reading.  Enjoy it for its lightness and the glimpse it gives into shifting worlds.  Be prepared for the chocolate cravings.


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