American Wife

americanwifeAfter finishing 26 books by the first of April, this book took me 23 days to finish.  That may give you some indication my feelings about this book.

First of all, I bought this in a used book store with no idea the ties to real life or controversy surrounding it.  I thought I was getting a political fiction book and wasn’t expecting the author’s fictionalizing of the Bush’s life.

The first part of the book was pretty good.  I enjoyed the stories of Alice’s early life and her first meetings of Charlie.  Alice is basically a likeable character and you’re even sympathetic to her faults.  Charlie has his faults, but you somehow like him anyway.

Then, somewhere around the middle the author really started grating on me.  She obviously had an agenda and the writing seemed more about her than it was about the story.  She was trying to be clever.  She was trying to be controversial.

The last part of the book was really awful.  Had I realized how awful, I would have put down the book before reading the 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue section.  Charlie becomes a cartoon and you lose patience with Alice.  By the end of the book I just wanted it to be over.

I definitely wouldn’t recommend the book to anyone and actually went to the person to whom I lent the book before reading it and apologized.  She felt the same (though she enjoyed the first half more than me).  I came away with an awful feeling about the author and the urge to dump the book in the trash.


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