Giving It Up

givingitupI’ve learned from past years that when my life is in a period of uncertainty or very high stress, giving something up for Lent can really backfire.  My currently has considerably more uncertainty than I would like and I knew that the pile up of events during Lent was going to make giving up any of the usuals really difficult.  Lent was going to be about coping this year.

Instead, I decided to ‘take up’ for Lent.  I found this book by a British theologian which looked really good.  I follow her on Twitter and she’s a smart woman with lots of good insights.

I’m glad I picked up this book.  It helped me experience Lent as a journey, rather than just as a sacrifice.  She even talks about the traditional ‘giving up’ of Lent and helped me understand the process a little better.

The book was just what I needed this year and I would highly recommend the book to others.  The writing is approachable without being ‘light’.  Each day has a section of scripture and some insightful writing to go with it to address some aspect of Lent.  She didn’t just retread the traditional things you hear every year – she brought a freshness to the process.  As a Lent book, I think Giving It Up is outstanding.

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