Faith Unravelled

faithunraveledI first discovered Rachel Held Evans through her blog.  I like her writing and share many of her concerns with the direction of the US evangelical church.  In 2012, I read her book A Year of Biblical Womanhood.  I enjoyed it and it challenged me.

It’s important to note that Faith Unravelled is not a new book.  It is the re-release of her book Evolving in Monkeytown.

I enjoyed this book.  Rachel is honest and direct in her discussion of her life as a fundamentalist and her turn from it.  She explores her doubt and her journey back to faith (though, in truth, she hadn’t gone that far).

I felt Evans breezed through her journey too quickly.  Though she’s clearly had doubts, they seem to have been resolved in an almost sitcom-like fashion.  All her concerns can be tied in a neat knot in 30 minutes or less.

The good news is that her writing and willingness to leave things without neat resolve has improved in Womanhood.

I wish Held had taken the opportunity of the re-release of this book to update it and give her exploration more depth.

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