caughtCaught is a novel about redemption and about trying to outrun your destiny.  It’s a beautifully written book about the nature of freedom and how fleeting it can be.

I’d read Moore’s previous novel February and it really stuck with me.  The writing was vivid and raw.  Those qualities are also present in Caught.

It’s the story of Slaney, a recent escapee from a Nova Scotia prison.  He was caught smuggling a large cargo of weed into Newfoundland.  His partner managed to avoid prison and has set up a new venture for Slaney once he has his freedom.

Hitchhiking across the country, Slaney sheds his prison identity and prepares for another adventure on the high seas.  After all, as a prison escapee with no money he has no ability to build a legitimate life for himself.  With the wealth a successful smuggling venture offers, he could regain his girlfriend and build a new life.

The book operates under a low hanging cloud of doom.  When will the cops catch up with him?  Will his next move be his demise?

The new operation seems shady from the beginning and becomes more shaky when he realizes his partners on the high seas are a drunk with mental health issues and a dangerously beautiful young woman (or a vixen, as he calls her).

Slaney constantly hopes for that moment that will redeem him and allow him to atone for his past.  He enjoys the freedom that he has while fighting the dread of the net that is closing in around him.

Like February, Caught is raw and not for the faint of heart (or sensibilities).  I was thrilled to find such a well written book set in places I know so well (that being Nova Scotia, not the underground drug world).


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