Moon Shell Beach

moonshellbeachWorking in higher ed means sacrificing some or all of May to the crazy.  You haven’t seen crazy until you’ve seen end of the semester crazy.  I joked recently that if you shouted “BOO” you could wipe out a whole division.

At such a time of year, it’s always wise to have a light fluffy book on hand for a bit of an escape when there’s a free moment.  This little paperback, picked up for 50 cents in a thrift shop, filled the bill.

Two friends from childhood.  Event pulls them apart.  Much regret.  Horrible thing happens.  Thrown back together.  More complicating factors.  Throw in a few love stories.  Happy beach memories and a little family dynamics.

This is far from a literary masterpiece, but as a beach read, it was quite good.  It kept me occupied for a few days and let me forget about the tension at key moments.


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