The No Asshole Rule

noassholeruleIf you are a reader of gentle constitution, feel free to skip this entry.  However, once you get past the the title (I’ll substitute the word ‘jerk’ for the sake of the review), this is a really useful book.

We’ve all had to live through a real jerk in the workplace.  The problem is when you can’t avoid them, or when the concentration of jerks becomes unbearable.

Sutton gives an interesting definition of these chronic jerks.  Everyone can have moments when they act in a jerk-like way, but it is those who persist in this behavior and leave those they come in contact with feeling small and battered.

This is a very pragmatic book, giving checklists to determine if you’re one of the jerks of which he speaks, advice to those who don’t have the option of escaping these jerks, and even the possible advantages of being a jerk (particularly when it’s temporary and strategic).

There are so many business books that seem to be all about cheerleading – optimistic views of how to create the perfect company in the perfect circumstances.  You can only read so many before you end up feeling inadequate.  This book is more realistic (though it’s not always so easy to vote the jerks off the island) and gives practical advice for dealing with the reality of of jerks in the workplace.

Now, I just have to get the guts to follow the advice!!

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