fangirlI’ve been haunting my local library trying to find a free copy of Eleanor & Park, so when I spotted Fangirl, I snatched it up.

I loved The Fault In Our Stars and was riveted to the Hunger Games trilogy, so I’m no stranger to YA fiction.  I was prepared for the younger characters.  What was I not prepared for?  The fan fiction.  Yes, it’s a book about a woman who writes fan fiction, so its inclusion should be a no brainer.  On the contrary, I found the fiction bits about a Harry Potter like character poorly written and a distraction from the book itself.

The story itself is a pretty straight forward love story about a misfit girl finding her feet in college, despite a fractious home life and her own anxieties.  With the help of some interesting secondary characters, she manages to eat in the cafeteria and occasionally have a social life.  Her party girl twin and absent mother both seemed a bit one dimensional and the eventual love story was rather formulaic.

All that said, it was an enjoyable summer read.  I wonder if Eleanor & Park will be better?


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