Radiance of Tomorrow

radianceI saw Radiance of Tomorrow in Chapters about a month ago and thought that it was the kind of book I should be reading.  Taking me out of the usual setting for books I read and exploring themes and situations that I might not normally explore.

Radiance of Tomorrow is the first novel by Ishmael Beah’s first novel, who previously wrote about his experiences as a child soldier in A Long Way Gone.  Radiance of Tomorrow explores life in a country rebuilding after war.  I have to admit that my knowledge of Sierra Leone is really low and it was really interesting to learn about life there in rural and urban areas.  Beah builds a world built out of the rubble of war.  When life as you knew it is gone and the new world seems to lack any rules.

As much as the book was interesting, what I really liked was the quality of the language that he uses.  Using the direct translation gave the language a poetry and made me look at the world a little differently.

The book was sad and lovely at the same time.  Beah is definitely a writer to watch.


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