Why Good People Can’t Get Jobs

I picked up this book as it is related to my work and the title made me curious.  Being in the world of education, we constantly hear that our graduates lack the skills to excel in jobs.  The elusive ‘soft skills’ are hard to define and even harder to teach.

good peopleSo, it’s easy to get behind this book, which puts the blame on the doorstep of the employers.  Employers should be doing a better job of recruiting (HR software has clearly done something to anger the author and he’s holding a grudge), investing in training their employees, and be more realistic about what their money buys them.

There’s some truth in the accusations.  Employers are often looking to save a few dollars by paying lower salaries, assuming someone will be desperate enough to take the job.  And he’s right, HR software isn’t sophisticated enough to go through the resumes with the nuance to find people who may not have the exact current job title that they are looking for.

However, I do think he’s too dismissive of other factors.  New employees who fail to show up to work and can’t communicate with their coworkers need to learn to operate in the working world.  And educators have a responsibility to provide training that is relevant in the current labor market (that’s not a given).

All in all, an interesting and quick read.  Good to keep on top of business writing, and hear perspectives outside the world of education.

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