A Special Relationship

aspecialrelationshipThree years ago I picked up this book in Daunt Bookstore.  I read the back and thought it sounded interesting.  I bought the book.

Last summer I was taking a trip and picked up the book to take with me.  A 45 minute flight turned into a 9 hour trip delay, including an hour and a half stuck on the tarmac.  I started the book and put it down.  Let me emphasize what I’m saying here.  I had no other reading material stuck in a metal tube baking in the summer sun and I put this book down.

When they finally let us back in the terminal, I went to the bookstore and bought a full price book (which I rarely do).

And yet, somehow, I thought it was a good idea to pick the book up again.  This time it was languishing on my read or give away pile.  Why did I not learn from my first experience of this book?

This book starts off with some promise.  Two journalists fall in love in Africa.  She gets pregnant.  He gets transferred back to the home office in London.  They marry and she moves with him back to London, experiences a difficult pregnancy, a difficult birth, and a dreadful post-partum depression.  He has an affair and takes the baby away.

Yes, it’s as depressing as it sounds.  Yes, the writing was mediocre and the plot was predictable.  Sadly, I couldn’t stop reading.  I should have put the book down 100 pages in.  Yet, every time I picked up the book 50 pages would fly by.  And I’d put the book down wondering why I was still reading.

I can’t say I would recommend this book.  And sadly, it makes me wary of plot descriptions on back covers.  However, there is one less book on my ‘read or give away’ shelf.


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