Waning Days of Summer


I feel like I’ve spent the whole summer braced for the arrival of the overwhelming heat we had last summer.  It now being late August it’s safe to say that this has been a temperate summer, which is amazing.  I’m happy to go for a whole year without the kind of sweat that makes you afraid to go to off-site meetings for fear of how bad you’ll look when you get there.

Without the extreme heat, I almost forgot to do many usual summer things.  Drinking spinach smoothies for dinner.  Standing in line for ice cream at the local shop.  Longing for the ocean.

Never mind, I’m making up for lost time now.  Cape Cod reservations made (hopefully some lovely pictures will result) – I love the late summer/early fall on the Cape.

Many books read this summer, but not as many ‘beach reads’ as usual.  Not sure if the weather has something to do with that….

A few reminders of favorites of summer:

– Long, warm evenings.  I love having more energy and feeling like the evenings shouldn’t be wasted.

– Ice cream.  Or froyo.  This may be the perfect food.

– Empty towns.  Living in an area with lots of universities and colleges, it’s really nice when the students leave and it’s possible to get a parking spots, go grocery shopping, find a seat in cafes…..

– Dress codes.  My workplace dresses down a little in summer (except in the case of major meetings, of course) and it’s nice to wear sandals and be a little more casual.

– No snow.  I really dislike snow.  There’s none of it in summer.

– Iced lattes.  See also, iced chai, raspberry lemonade, iced tea…..  Keeping cool can be yummy.

– Beach books.  Literary fiction is wonderful, but sometimes it’s nice to skim through a fun little book.

Enjoy the final weeks!


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