40 Bookstores

For the last few years I’ve started a project on my birthday.  Two years ago it was a photography project – 365 gallery quality photos in a year.  I failed.  Oops.

Last year I tried two things.  The first was to try something new every week.  It definitely pushed me to try new things, but it was hard to keep track of things and it was unclear what counted as ‘something new’.  So, I stopped keeping track.

More successful was my plan to visit 40 bookstores in a year.  It wasn’t easy, since I live in a pretty small area, but a couple of trips helped a lot.  I’m pleased to report that I succeeded at visiting 40 bookstores.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Favorite Local – Montague Bookmill, Montague, MA – This place has character, a great cafe, a cool location, and endless amounts of books.  Well worth the trip, if you’re in the area.

Favorite Chain – This has to be Chapters in Canada.  It’s a bookstore with great recommendations, it has paper products, it has a nice selection of household and style items as well.  Plus, Starbucks.  My favorite things all under one roof.

Best Independents – Odyssey Bookstore, South Hadley, MA – This bookstore has a well chosen selection, lots of events, and even a signed first edition club.

Northshire Bookstore – Saratoga Springs, NY – Great fiction selection, a few magazines, a cafe, good recommendations, a beautiful staircase, and a whole floor for the kids.

Type Books – Toronto, ON – A cute little bookshop with a great inventory.

Kramer Books – Washington, DC – An awesome bookstore in a great area of DC.


I enjoyed this project so much that I’m going to continue the project and start a page just for bookstore reviews.

So, what’s in store for this year?  That will be coming later this week.  It involves a list that is taking up most of my fridge right now!bookmills


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