Cape Cod – Best and Worst

smccIMG_1974As you can probably tell from the photos, I took a short trip to Cape Cod at the end of summer.  I love being by the ocean and have been to the Cape numerous times.  From this trip, here are some of the best and worst..


Spanky’s Clam Shack, Hyannis – Fantastic and huge lobster roll.  Fast service and a great view.  What more can you ask for in a seaside restaurant?

Common Ground, Hyannis – I had read about this place in the tourist guide, but I was put off by its appearance.  Was I stepping into the world of The Hobbit?  Nope, yummy and wholesome food.  I think this meal (hummus wrap and blueberry smoothie) saved my body from the land of tourist food.

harbor masters – Huh?  Most public beaches on the Cape have parking fees ranging from $15-$25.  When you’re a photographer who wants to jump and take a few pictures at several beaches, that’s pretty steep.  Instead, I pop into harbors.  More visual interest and the harbor masters (person overseeing the operations of the harbor) I met along the way were all lovely and let me park for a few minutes for free.

Books by the Sea, Osterville – A small little shop with few, but well chosen books.  As an added bonus…

Gone Chocolate, Osterville – Perhaps the best fudge I’ve ever tasted.

The 7:20 high speed ferry back from Nantucket – I managed to time my departure with sunset and got to photograph the sunset over Nantucket from the water.  Priceless!

Boo to…

Optimist Cafe – Horrible service (I waited 20 minutes for my leftovers to be boxed and eventually had to go looking for my waitress) and food that didn’t live up to its description (whipped cream from the grocery store is not Devon cream).  Skip this place.

drivers – Seriously, my nerves and my car may never be the same again!

As a side note, if you’re going to Nantucket for the day, take the high speed ferry.  The slower ferry made me sea sick.  The high speed ferry seemed to skim over the waves.  Plus, it was more comfortable.  And faster, of course.


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