Year List #2: Visit Nantucket

smccIMG_2342I started writing my Year Bucket List back in July and one of the items that was obvious for the list was a visit to Nantucket.  Despite numerous trips to Cape Cod, I’ve never managed to make it to the islands.  This was going to be the year.

Two of my favorite ‘beach read’ authors set their books on Nantucket, so I’ve read a lot about the island.  Everyone who I know who’s been there says that it’s magical.  An island full of rich people pretending to be really laid back beach folks.

So, I made my plans, checked the tide and sunset charts, and booked my ferry ticket.  I ended up only being able to go over for half a day (never wait too long to book ferry tickets) and I spent the whole time walking around.  I think there are only two public bathrooms on the island and it seems like every restaurant closed when they saw me coming.  It was a very tiring day, but I finally got to see the Brant Point Lighthouse, walk around the town, and see the shops.  I felt a little bit like my imagination had come to life.

I got a beautiful new bag, bought some Christmas gifts, and took a huge amount of photos.  Then, in line for the ferry on the way home I ran into a lovely couple from Toronto and we chatted through the wait and took photos together on the ferry.

I timed my ferry home to catch the sunset.  It was amazing.

Going to Nantucket was a very successful Bucket List item.


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