Year List #3: Sleep Under a Quilt

bluequiltMy year list is full of favorite things and things I have wanted to do.  For most people sleeping under a quilt might be enjoyable, but not unusual.  Most people don’t live in my house.

My landlady controls the heat in my flat and she like the temperature…. tropical.  And because my flat is above hers, the heat rises.  In order for the temperature to be tropical in her flat, mine has to be unbearable.  I can’t sleep at night because it’s so hot.  I consider re-installing my air conditioner in January.  As soon as I get home at night I change into t-shirt and shorts.

So, quilts don’t really figure into the picture.

However, there are a few days with the change of season before the heating comes on when I sometimes need a blanket.  (Last year I was told to take my air conditioner out when the temps were still in the mid-80s)

I slept under a quilt!  Under my blue & white Cape Cod quilt.  It’s a very nice quilt.  It’s warm and it looks really nice on my bed.  It was definitely nice to sleep under it for the first time!



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