Sweet Tooth

sweettoothAfter reading Solar I needed a nice long break from Ian McEwan.  Then, several years after Solar, I walked into my local library and saw the audio book of Sweet Tooth.  It was McEwan’s first female protagonist since Atonement.  It was worth a shot.

For most of the time I was reading this novel I was a little confused.  Sure, it was pretty good, but was this it?  A fairly basic spy thriller.  This didn’t seem like a Ian McEwan novel.

It wasn’t until I reached the very end that I understood the novel that I was reading.  I had been living in one world and the author had been living in another.

It shouldn’t be surprising that an author of Ian McEwan gets bored with the normal novel formula and begins to plan things more complex.

I think literature lovers will enjoy this book for its literary tools.  I found it interesting, but not as much as if I really understood the history of the novel.

Personally, I wouldn’t put this novel among his best (Atonement, Saturday), but well above Solar.

As a side note, in the book the Monty Hall problem was explained in a way that I finally really understood the real issue.  A must for any stats freak.


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