Year List #5: Get Organized

smearringtreeOn my list was the very vague ‘get organized’.  One of those things that will never quite be checked off a list.

When my life is descending into chaos (or feels that way) I often resort to obsessively organizing some particular item.  The rest of my house or office may be in shambles, but my CDs are alphabetized.

I’ve got a lot of things in the air right now and somehow it was making me crazy that I could never find a necklace that wasn’t tangled with other necklaces or a pair of earring.  Jewelry seemed to be scattered through my house.

Over a month ago I bought a necklace tree (after months of pondering how to build something appropriate) and it really helped me to see the necklaces that I had and keep them untangled.

So, with some of my birthday money, I bought an earring stand (see the picture).

It’s lovely to be able to look at it in the morning and choose a pair of earrings, rather than grabbing whatever is sitting next to my laptop.   It did raise the question of how I’ve accumulated so many single earrings.  I now have a section of single earrings, in hope their mates make an appearance.

I highly recommend earring stands, if only for the peace of mind of being able to see all your earrings in one place (or to give you the excuse to buy more!).

A small corner of my world organized.


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