The View From Penthouse B

theviewIn theory this was a good book.  The adventures of a mismatched group, all down on their luck during the recession and residing together in an upscale New York apartment.

Gwen-Laura, the somewhat recent widow struggling with restarting her life and dating again.  Marjorie, somewhat recently divorced, whose ex-husband starts the book in prison for fraud (a former fertility doctor who not-so-artificially-inceminated patients and then charged them full fee), and lost all her divorce settlement in a ponzi scheme.  Then they add the cupcake baking Anthony, a former finance type who lost his job in the economic meltdown.

For the first half of the book all of this makes for a fairly interesting mix.  However, by half-way through I was wondering why the book wasn’t ending.  The ex-husband was out of prison was out of prison and trying to get back into their lives, with his son (the product of his office antics), and has to be one of the most annoying characters ever created.

Mostly because it was an audio book (and I was almost finished), I managed to get through this book, but I wouldn’t recommend it to others.


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