Eleanor & Park

eleanorCan a book really live up to the kind of hype that Eleanor & Park has?

When I started the book I certainly didn’t think so.  I had read Fangirl, and while it was good, it wasn’t up to the hype I was hearing around E & P.  Reading the first chapters, I still didn’t understand what this was about.  Just a typical teen angst novel.

And then something clicked.  Suddenly I couldn’t put the book down.  The difficult circumstances that Eleanor was living in and Park’s efforts to help her tugged at my heart.  How could this possibly end well?

And then it ended.

And I didn’t get it.

Maybe it’s the sign of a younger generation novel that I had to google the ending to try to understand.  I really do hope Rainbow Rowell isn’t done with these characters, even though I can’t imagine any sequel living up to this book.

If you’re looking for a book like The Fault in Our Stars to escape into, this is your book.


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