Year List #7: Lemon Meringue Pie

photo (5)When I wrote my year list I put in a few whimsical moment.  I love lemon meringue pie and I never have it.  So, I made it a year goal.  Oh the joys of adulthood.

I chose a local diner for the moment because diners = good pie, right?  Nope.  After a yummy meal, I took my pie to go.  I was excited to get to it later that day.

Crust – limp and probably not home made.

Filling – tasted like lemon pudding from a box.

Meringue – tasted like marshmallows, was too sweet.

Generally, not good and very very disappointing.  Not whimsical at all.  So sad. (you can probably tell all this from the picture)

On the brighter side, a few days later I went to The Roost in Northampton and they had a lemon curd tart.  No meringue, but I went for it anyway.

photo (7)

SO GOOD.  It made up for the awful pie.

Sometimes the moments we’re looking for don’t come in the package we’re expecting!!

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