Where We Belong

wherewebelongSometimes between tough books (or after a string of not great books) you need a palate cleanser for your brain.  Where We Belong was supposed to be that palate cleanser.  An easy read, instantly forgettable.

Instead, it was a surprisingly good book.  Interesting characters, varying perspectives, a plot….  Not at all what I expected.

It’s the story of a NYC power woman whose personal life is really a bit in shambles and then her daughter she gave up for adoption shows up on her doorstep and further complicates her life.  The daughter had dimension and interest.  The woman had dimension and interest.  Her boyfriend did not, but that’s forgivable.

All in all, enjoyed the book.  Great for airplane reading or something to keep your interest, but not make you twist your mind into a pretzel.

Also, my first Emily Giffin book and won’t be my last.


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