Year List #8: Go To A Diner

bluebonnetI love diners!  Breakfast anytime.  Pancakes on demand. Interesting people and decor.  What’s not to like?

Then throw in re-watching the full run of Gilmore Girls and I may be just a tiny bit obsessed with diner food.

While we have lots of diners around here, most close at 3 pm.  To me, a diner is open all the time, or near that.  I don’t always get diner cravings before 3 pm!

So, when I was picking a spot for dinner with a friend, I picked a local diner I’d never visited.  I assumed from the street that it was just a small place with a few seats (as per the picture), but it turns out that there are several more rooms.  One of the them has a train going around the top on the little track (hard to explain, but interesting to see.)

Once I got there I was in ordering crisis.  Ask if they serve pancakes at night?  Order a burger (as per Lorelei and Rory)?  I went with the tuna melt.  Seemed classic and I was having unexplained tuna cravings.

The food was okay.  The melt was crisp, but the tuna was still cold and the cheese quickly gained an unappetizing consistency.  My friend’s roast pork seemed to be quite good.

So, I’ve found a diner open later than 3 pm, but still not THE diner I’m looking for.


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