The Best of TV

It’s almost year end.  Time to think back on the ‘bests’ of the year.  Here’s what I’ve loved on television and Netflix this year.

wifeThe Good Wife – This show keeps getting better or better.  The death of Will Gardner was stunning and I didn’t see where the show could go from there, but it kept getting better.

Madam Secretary – I didn’t like the pilot of this show and didn’t think I would warm to Tea Leoni, but I have.  This show is smart and political enough to keep my interest.

Scorpion – What’s not to like about a group of geeks saving the world?  Sure some of the plots are a little weak and most of the show is pretty farfetched, but boy is it nice to celebrate intelligence.

Forever – I’ve liked Ioan Gruffudd for a while and was surprised he was moving to television and decided to give the show a shot.  It’s not really hit material, but I consistently enjoy this show.

tv_gilmore_girls03Gilmore Girls – What?  This isn’t current?  Back in September I started re-watching this series on DVD (and then Netflix when it arrived in October).  Despite the pagers and pop culture references that age it, this show is still outstanding.  Also, with tv full of tense crime related shows, this show is very relaxing!

VEEP – I’m late to the VEEP party, but I started watching this year and enjoyed it.  Not for everyone, but I like this for the same reason I like Archer.

Netflix seems to have erased my watching list, so my mind is blank on things I watched earlier in the year!

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