hope-handOver the last few weeks I’ve been horrified to see a whole world that I’ve been shielded from.  It’s like a rock was turned over and I saw all that was underneath.  Ferguson, Cleveland, Staten Island….

That feeling of the bottom of my stomach dropping out when I see injustice.  It’s not new to 2014, but this time it was very close to home.

When injustice continues unquestioned hope will disappear.  And a world without hope is dreary, and violent, and horrible.

Christmas gives me hope of a new start.  Not that this year’s injustices float away on a fluffy white cloud, but that there is meaning and purpose in this life.  We’re not just kicking at the darkness.

This Christmas can’t just be about presents and decorations to distract us from the world.  It really needs to be about hope.  Please let it be about hope.  Real hope for the powerless.  And hope that those of us with power use it in a way that brings justice.

I’m not explaining myself well, but this is a time of raw emotion.  I need hope.


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